Foodie Friday Guest Blog: WEDNESDAY LUNCH AT WEEKAPAUG INN by Westerly Food


Weekapaug Inn clam chowder, photo by Aimee Dewar of Westerly Food

Today’s Foodie Friday blog is a guest blog by Aimee Dewar of Westerly Food. Launched November 1, 2016, Westerly Food strives to connect people with local resources for all things culinary.  Westerly Food will highlight local restaurants, small businesses, regional farms, grocery stores and events that will be of interest to you. Read more here.

Aimee recently went to the Weekapaug Inn for a casual girls’ lunch on a Wednesday. While you may think the Weekapaug Inn is too fancy a place for a casual weekday lunch, think again. Especially in the off-season, Weekapaug is a casual luxury full of warmth, coziness and comfort. A filling, yet luxurious and unhurried lunch can be had for under $10, if you’re being frugal. If not, you can indulge to your heart’s content.

Read more about Aimee’s experience here and visit the Weekapaug Inn soon.

For more information on visiting South County, visit our website.


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